Delivery terms

Quality manufactures high-quality photographs, framing, mounting, digital press and produces ProSec-acrylic pictures. does everything in a professional way and the products are made with the best possible quality, both in materials, in image quality and in services.

The implementation of the ordered work is initiated together with the customer by completing a clear-dimensional order of work.

To maximize quality and avoid errors, it is important to rename the files:

The image name must be put to: 001_30x40_firstname_lastname
001 = Image number, 30 × 40 = image print size, name without ends
Send images only in JPG, TIF, or ZIP file formats.

Adjust the size of the image you want before you send it to print (the same as in the picture name). If you can’t adjust the size of the picture, be sure to mention that the photos are in a different size than they are intended to print! We’ll have to charge the images that are printed in the wrong size, unless the error is caused by the failure of the Luova.  However, do not increase the resolution of the image in Photoshop, leave it to us and the BlowUp program.

Please note that the mounting is approx. 3mm cutting bleed which reduces the image size unless it has been added to the image’s print size.

If you notice a defect in our product, we will repair it and we will produce a new product for you free of charge. When the product is picked up, we will not be liable for damage caused by transport and storage. Shipped products must be unloaded and checked as soon as they arrive. Transport damage must be immediately complaint to the transport undertaking whose insurance is responsible for the damage.



Notes on the quality of work when receiving a job. Please check the product when you receive.
The prices given on the phone without commitment.
We follow the general terms and conditions of the graphic industry, except for the details of this page
The ordered work must be collected within 14 days of completion.

Delivery time

Norm. 2-7 working days or by contract.

For orders/works less than two working days we do not grant discounts.

Complete work must be completed within 14 days of completion.

Payment methods:

Invoice only those companies/associations/business names that opened your account (requires verification of credit)
Cash/debit cards/All major credit cards.
Bank transfer/Prepaid account/cash on payment

Payment Time 7 days. NET company invoicing.
Invoicing additional €5.
Interest on arrears 16% on the invoice due date.
Interest invoicing additional €5.
Note For the time invoice 8 days

In cases where the work fee (exhibition) is based on a scholarship, it may be agreed that the work will be paid on 50% on receipt of the payment and agreed on the remaining 50% at the end of the following full month. Requires a separate contract with the Luova. (+ €5 billing supplement).


Helsinki 20-60 €.
Espoo/Vantaa 30-80 €


The price of the product includes Basic packaging (silk paper, bubble plastic and, if necessary, corner protectors).

Packages delivered by mail, schenkery and travel maintenance will be charged in accordance with the operator’s price list + 15.

Special packages are charged according to the actual cost.

For exhibition images, wooden packing boxes are charged for the conformity of the price list (reusable transport boxes).


Proof pictures of 10.00 €/ea, credited if the final image is printed. (Test proof = Slice from image)


In order to achieve the quality of the maximum and the customer’s desire, the customer’s presence is desirable when ordering. However, it is hoped that the work would not be getting slowed. We hope your understanding if you are “ejection” to dodge coffee?

Image editing

Possible image processing for images 40.00 €/30min


Any additional work not related to the basic work will be billed 40 €/30min. For example: Frame dismantling, re-framing, changing from order to finished work, etc. The price is always agreed when making the order if possible.


The offer is valid for 30 days. The customer’s acceptance of the reply must be received by the creative. Fi in the said period. The schedule contained in the offer is not binding if, during the period between the issuing of the invitation to tender and the customer’s reply, the concludes an agreement on the work which was not taken into account when the offer was made. If the work is set to a fixed time with a separate contract and the job is canceled it is entitled to 50% The price of the offer.


You represent and warrant that your work as a copyrighted material is not infringing any third party right or subject to any use or other legal restrictions. The same applies to all other intellectual property rights, such as trade mark, business name or other intellectual and industrial rights.

Customer is obligated to pay directly under this agreement all allowances and costs incurred by in connection with third party claims.


All products are Luova’s property until fully paid. The work may not be resold until the work has been fully paid out (unless agreed).

For the customer’s work, the equipment, supplies, files and other materials provided by the creative. Fi are the property of the customer and will be returned to the customer at the end of the work.

The customer will only receive the images he has paid.


The customer is responsible for the fact that the material to be surrendered is duly insured.


Force majeure. A strike, lockout, fire or other form of force majeure that is independent of both creative. Fi and Subcontractor is exempted from compliance with the agreed delivery period. Lack of manpower or raw materials, machine breakdown or measures taken by public authorities, or similar, unusual and creative. Non-subcontractor reasons that could not reasonably have been foreseen also entitle them to Reasonable extension of delivery time.
If the aforementioned event is technically or economically unduly hampered by the performance of the work agreed upon, the Supplier shall be entitled to withdraw his offer or to terminate the contract in whole or in any case not yet completed. The customer is not entitled to claim damages.
Similarly, the customer is entitled to terminate the contract if the delay caused by the above obstacle creates an undue inconvenience for him or the additional costs which are significant in relation to the value of the work. The supplier is not entitled to claim compensation for damages. The right of dissolution applies only to that part of the agreement affected by force majeure. After an obstacle has been removed, the agreement continues to apply.

All prices above, on our site and in our offers incl. Vat. 24%.

We consider the right to price changes. is a registered auxiliary of MoLux Oy.