Mary Ellen Mark – American Odyssey 1963-1999 (1st edition)

HB, 152 pages
Aperture, First edition (1999)

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Recently voted by the readers of American Photo as the most influential woman photographer of all time, Mary Ellen Mark has made some of America’s most iconic photographs. The devastating and poignant image of a family living in their car, the gripping portraits of women in Ward 81, or Tiny and Rat and the street children of Seattle in Streetwise exemplify her accomplishments. These photographs and more are included in Mary Ellen Mark: American Odyssey, the first collection of her remarkable images realized in the United States since 1963. Whether observing the exploits of Miami gigolos or spring break revelers, the panache and style of prom-goers, cross-dressers, or trick-or-treaters, Mary Ellen Mark’s empathy, humanity, and penetrating vision are revealed in every photograph. She is unsurpassed at shaping both the odd and the everyday into genuinely surprising images that subtly yet powerfully challenge our preconceptions, or intensify our emotions. An extraordinary aspect of Mark’s career is the trust and respect that she establishes with her subjects, enabling her to continue to photograph them over many years. In his book, for the first time, witness Tiny at thirty. Revisit the Damm Family, who no longer live in their car, but still survive in comparably difficult circumstances. Also see Mark’s years of work exploring Coney Island, the rodeo, and both urban and rural poverty


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