Araki by Araki – The Photographers Personal Selection

SB, 408 pages
Kodansha America, Inc (2003)
language: English/Japanese

89,00  (80,91 )



Araki by Araki is a record of the career of Nobuyoshi Araki, self-styled “photomaniac” and permanent enfant terrible of the Japanese art world. Published to mark the artist’s sixty-third birthday on May 25, 2003, this volume features 2002 photographs covering his entire career from 1963 to 2002. Sex-trade voyeur, recorder of Tokyo cityscapes, chronicler of married life, or experimental photo artist – no matter what your image of Araki, this collection will reveal new aspects of his talent, as it traces his unique vision over forty prolific years. All the pictures were selected by Araki himself (who also provides an original commentary), making Araki by Araki not only a comprehensive but highly personal overview of the artist’s work to date. High quality color and duotone black and white printing ensure the highest standard of reproduction throughout.


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