David Alan Harvey – Divided soul

HB, 166 pages, c.100 colour photographs
Phaidon Press (2003)
David Alan Harvey kuuluu Magnum-kuvaajiin. Hän on työskennellyt vuodesta 1970 National Geographic-lehdelle

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`Divided Soul` represents David Alan Harvey`s twenty-year journey through the Spanish and Portuguese diaspora in the Americas. In this selection of more than 100 colour photographs Harvey explores the exuberance and incongruities of Hispanic life and culture that hold for him an endless fascination. Since the 1970s Harvey has photographed in Spain, Portugal and throughout the New World, including Cuba, Mexico, Honduras, Brazil and Chile. A passionate and divided soul, where tradition and ritual are inherent in everyday life, is revealed in these photographs of pulsating carnivals in Trinidad, fervent religious ceremonies in Brazil, and intense Easter parades in Puerto Rico. Harvey minimizes the distance between himself and his subjects, producing images that capture the natural choreography of people within places and that resonate with magic.


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