DryTac® Self Wound Mount Film – STANDARD 104cm /100m kylmäliimauskalvo

Yleiskäyttöön soveltuva pohjustusliima kylmälaminointiin.

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We offer various self-wound mounting films, for use

with laminators that feature an unwind shaft on the top.

Self-wound mounting films have only one release liner,

which is non-stick on both sides. As the roll is unwound

the adhesive layer is exposed, so these films cannot

be used for cut sheet applications. Additionally the full

width of the roll will always be used as the film passes

through the laminator, making self-wound films more

suited to volume jobs, where a large number of boards

or images are to be processed at the same time. Our

Our ULTRA option of self-wound mount film has been developed for more challenging applications, where the standard product may struggle. Mounting substrates such as corex or aluminium are notoriously difficult to get a strong bond to and this film will provide a better result. Similarly, when trying to wrap graphics around the edge of thicker substrates, such as MDF, the extra adhesion that this film provides will do the job.

*Other sizes available upon request. Minimum volumes may apply.


This product is an unusual twist on the normal self- wound recipe. PERM/PEEL has two different kinds of adhesive built into one film. As the roll unwinds it exposes a permanent adhesive, which can be coated to the back of your artwork or onto a board. When the second layer is exposed it is a lower tack adhesive. This film is suitable for coating graphics that can be stuck to rigid plastic or expanded foam PVC boards. The graphic can be removed later, allowing the board to be re-used, thus saving money. When coated onto the board itself, it creates a repositionable surface for the application of complex artwork that may need to be applied by hand and re-arranged.

*Other sizes available upon request. Minimum volumes may apply.




650mm x 50m (25.5” x 164’)


1040mm x 50m (41” x 164’)


1040mm x 100m (41” x 328’)


1300mm x 50m (51” x 164’)


1300mm x 100m (51” x 328’)

STANDARD film is a general purpose film that is suitable NEW!

for most kinds of artwork, from plain paper and posters to inkjet and photographic media. Standard self-wound film works well with all kinds of mounting substrates, from white display board and foam centred boards to MDF and rigid plastic boards.

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