Duane Michals – 1939-1997 – DVD

Running time: 15 Minutes

33,00  (30,00 )



Duane Michals uses his camera to tell stories of an unseen world. Grainy and surreal, his videos play with themes of perception and substance, spirit and mortality. This 1978 program, narrated by Michals, is composed of a series of his photo narratives—which he himself calls “a failed attempt to photograph reality.” Michals says of his short film sequences, “I had confused the appearances of trees and automobiles and people with reality itself. To photograph reality is to photograph nothing.” This video includes “The Bogeyman,” “The Human Condition,” “People Eat People,” “The Spirit Leaves the Body,” “Things Are Queer,” “The Pleasures of the Glove,” and “Chance Meeting.” Contains nudity.


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