Edward S. Curtis – The women

HB, 128 pages
Bulfinch, 01 edition (2005)

49,00  sis.alv.



The first collection of Edward S. Curtis’ stunning, evocative and hugely popular portraits of Native American Women–with never-before-published images. These indelible portraits of Native Americans by Edward S. Curtis, made at the dawn of the 20th century, have become among the most avidly collected, published, and sought-after emblems of early encounters with American Indian life. But not until now has there been a book on Curtis’s portraits of women. This book, the follow-up to Edward S. Curtis: The Great Warriors, collects 100 of his most compelling photographs of Native-American women. The images are drawn from the collection of Christopher Cardozo and features iconic Curtis pictures as well as several little-known gems and never-before-published images. Beautifully produced, the volumes in this Edward S. Curtis series are a fitting testament to the profound beauty, meaning, and complexity of Indian life, and to Edward S. Curtis, a man who had the wisdom, passion, and strength to devote thirty years to capturing the nobility and pride of the native peoples of North America.


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