Flowers – Robert Mapplethorpe

HB, 108 pages, 50 color plates

36,00  (32,73 )

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Among the motifs considered to be typically Mapplethorpe–i.e. nudes, portraits, black men, and the New York gay scene–flowers had a firmly-established (albeit less spectacular) position. The first date from the seventies; the last were taken shortly before his death. Design was also dominant here; the perfect, emphatically artifical arrangement. And in the final analysis, he was also concerned with the same subject: stylizing sexuality into a still life. Under Mapplethorpe’s gaze, flowers lose their mellifluous-ness and innocent symbolism. They suddenly reveal a perfidious, at times decadent, eloquence. Once again one encounters two things in their utmost perfection: erotic drama and absolute clarity of composition–the celestial poles and quintessence of Mapplethorpe’s work. His long-time partner, singer-songwriter Patti Smith, composed a farewell poem for this volume.


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