Museo® Textured Rag 285g 17″ x 22″ (near.A2) 25kpl

Museo® Textured RagTM on arkistokelpoinen, mattapintainen, 100% puuvillaa,
Ns. Watercolor pinta. (akvarelli) Pinnan rakenne selvästi näkyvissä.

173,90  sis.alv.



•Museo® Textured Rag™ is made to archival standards •textured water color finish •100% cotton •acid free •internally buffered •no optical brighteners •pH: 7.9 – 8.5 •weight: 285 gsm •caliper: 0.021″ (533µm) •optimized for pigmented inkjet inks •also compatible with dye-based inks •flake-free coating •brightness: 90 •robust, damage-free packaging for large sheets •Made in the U.S.A.


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