Elliott Erwitt – Museum Watching

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Photographer by profession and dedicated amateur by hobby’, the ever-popular Elliott Erwitt prizes his personal snaps above all his work. When otherwise idle in New York or with spare time on his hands during his frequent travels, Erwitt indulges himself at museums and art exhibitions, considering the art, watching people and taking pictures. In Museum Watching, Erwitt presents his visual observations on the museum together for the first time in book form, including photographs from the late 1950s through to 1999. In this affectionate, wry and personal album, illuminated by his own text, Elliott entertains us by means of his conversation with art, making visual puns, tweaking a few noses and occasionally passing more serious comment. As museum-visiting establishes itself as far more popular than attending sports events, and with the big art show becoming serious business, Erwitt’s gentle humour provides the perfect antidote


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