Naked States- DVD

Running time: 80 Minutes + extras / Color
Audio: English

24,00  (21,82 )



Spencer Tunick asks America to pose nude. In a five month journey photographing nudes in every state, the critically acclaimed film, Naked States, follows artist Spencer Tunick’s quest to photograph nudes in public settings across the country. Naked States is a visual American odyssey that brings us closer to the truth about our bodies and our freedom as related to the sensitive issues of censorship and nudity. Bear witness to some of America’s most fascinating subcultures, from the country’s largest biker rally in Sturgis, South Dakota, to the Mojave Desert’s eccentric Burningman festival, to a huge outdoor Phish concert – here Tunick has no idea if he will get 10 people or 1,000 people to pose. Along Tunick’s journey hear the stories of the ordinary men and women who decide to pose nude in public. In Naked States, art, politics, body image, and American culture come together in some very unexpected ways.


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