Naked World – DVD

Running time: 76 Minutes / Color
Audio: English, Spanish
Region: 1

24,00  sis.alv.



Being nude in public can be exhilarating, profound, hysterical or just plain awkward. In this follow-up to Naked States, director Arlene Donnelly Nelson takes us along for the ride as artist Spencer Tunick invites thousands of people of all races, shapes and sizes out of their clothes and into the streets for art´s sake. Spanning nine countries on seven continents, Tunick´s “Nude Adrift” project calls into question what nakedness means to people in different climates, both geogrphic and political. The journey takes Tunick to Russia in front of St. Peteerburg´s Church of the Savior in Spilled Blood, to abortive attempts in front of the Louvre Museum in “liberated” Paris, to the stating of a “bodyscape” of 4,500 Australians in Melbourne and to icebergs in Antarctica. These installations Tunick creates and the resulting artwork capture the common urge to engage in a forthright, unembarrased celebration of pure humanity.


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