Axel Hütte – North/South

HB, 84 pages
Schirmer/Mosel Verlag GmbH, Bilingual edition (2006)

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The North has always held special fascination to artists: stark, inhospitable landscapes; tundras, moors and glaciers; rocks and ice; silence and solitude. From Caspar David Friedrich’s “Wreck of Hope” to contemorary photography, northern landscapes have served as landscapes of mind and soul rather than athletic outdoor challenges and as places of desire for people disenchanted with modern civilization. A covert romantic, Axel Huette shunned neither cold nor wind heading north for the landscapes of Alaska, Greenland, Iceland, and Norway. Huette juxtaposes the glaciers’ blue gleam, the neverending ice-bound plains and the magically white horizons of the north with the lush green opulence of southern forestss and sub-tropical jungles, presenting landscape contrasts in a manner only photography can achieve.


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