Elena Dorfman – Still Lovers

HB, 128 pages, 72 photographs

38,20  sis.alv.



In Still Lovers,Dorfman explores the complex relationship between life-sized,synthetic sex dolls and their owners. A fascinating, serious, and shocking glimpse into an alien realm, these are art photos of the complex relationships between sex dolls and their owners. These are not kitschy inflatables, but life-sized expensive, highly realistic dolls, customized to the smallest detail. Dorfman’s deft treatment of the subject and neutral color palette keep the images grounded in documentary tradition, neither prurient nor fantastic. Viewers can believe in the owners’ vision of these dolls as free objects of relation from this candid and non-judgmental approach. The dolls become sculptural beauties, sex kittens, companions, and family members. A woman owns several dolls representing different aspects of her personality. A military officer dreams of marrying his Rebecca. A family goes about their morning routine as Valentine sits at the table in a demure cardigan and straw hat. These photos are as riveting and culture-shifting as those of Diane Arbus.


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