Sub Images-Timo Kelaranta

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“Timo Kelaranta utilizes the illusion of truth soaked in the surface of a photograph – only to deny it, to prevent anyone from looking through. The perspective opens onto the fascinating world of abstraction. External reality, that-what-has-been, is a pretext, a hook from which expression is suspended. — A sense of material, heaviness and hardness make way for immateriality. Pain and anxiety are not far away; neither are sanctity or an experience of union. Alongside pain there is a gentler vein aiming at a shared experience and its fulfilment.” The second part of the book consists of an anthology of poems by Lauri Otonkoski. The preface is by the art historian Arja Elovirta. SubImages is published as no. 4/2000 of Musta taide.


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