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This smaller-scale edition of Xpose, Peter Jirmann’s insightful collection of female nudes, conveys all the sophisticated composition of the original version. Acclaimed photographer Peter Jirmann Jr.’s focus is the female nude but his pictures reveal as much about emotion and personality as they do the contours and surfaces of the human body. His images capture his subjects’ ironical outlook on the world. Jirmann meticulously plans each shot before he actually takes the picture – the camera angle, the pose, the setting – so that nothing is left to chance. His are intensely erotic images of devastatingly beautiful women, each masterfully composed in a way that tells a story and becomes the basis for dreams. Peter Jirmann is a rising star in nude photography whose work has appeared in Playboy, FHM, MAXIM and other European magazines. He has also photographed advertising campaigns for Daimler- Chrysler and BMW.


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